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Camera show London 2015

Just returned from the BVE camera show in London. Another great experience and very helpful. As a wedding videographer here in Tipperary, I feel it is well worth the visit each year. Technology is constantly changing and I feel every video job I undertake is worth the trip to get to know the new types of cameras and software. I know we can always look at them on the net, but I prefer to get a hands on feel for them. I like to see them working and also see how it matches up to the suppliers specs along with the software.

I meet up the usual  bunch of video guys from Cork, Limerick, Waterford,  Kilkenny and Dublin. Unfortunately, only one other videographer from Tipperary joined us, which is a pity as it’s a great way to network. Some dinner that night and a few drinks to catch up with gossip in our own local areas, Of course, we talked about how business is going, pricing and helping each other out, should one of us be stuck, also with local referrals which its all about as well, I would only recommend Brides / Grooms that I am booked for their date to other professionals as you cant just hand over an important function like a wedding to some guy because he says hes a full time professional ! this means nothing to me, I like to get to know whats what about the people I deal with, this is where the networking comes in to play.

Also on hand at the show was a wedding videography section. As I’m a wedding videographer  in  Tipperary  and Kilkenny, I found this most interesting and helpful as they gave lots of tips and tricks  along with some new and unique ways of filming. Audio was also a big part of the seminar. There was a one to one held later, which I found very helpful and the new remote control mic is a must.

london is interesting and helpful for Tipperary man

BVE London 2015

A SEO consultant, along with a rep  from facebook, was on hand to look at our websites on a one to one basis. This was great as I am number one on Yahoo / Google  for Wedding Video Tipperary, Kilkenny Carlow and a few more are working their way to the cream at the top!   but i never was obsessed with the rankings on the net. I really don’t pay much attention to it, as 90% of my work is local and  word of mouth and over 70% is in Tipperary, and 30% in Kilkenny so happy days. so I don’t eat and sleep keywords.

Overall, I really enjoyed my yearly jaunt to London as I purchased 2 new cameras in 2014 along with my new Adobe Premiere Pro CC software, which makes such a difference to editing. Some of the older editing software – the likes of Sony Vegas and Eduis – are now being left on the shelf, out dated and well, semi pro. So that’s where the show comes into play. It means we can keep up to date. After all, it’s only fair that couples who book their wedding video with me get the latest, so that their wedding DVD won’t be outdated next year. have a look here at what we got up to ….