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Five reasons to explain your wedding theme to the videographer ahead of the wedding

wedding video Tipperary - abbey videoWhat’s the theme of your wedding going to be? Will you go for a classic look, or follow that path to a vintage or period look? Perhaps your tastes are somewhat more informal and you like the idea of a rustic wedding in an outdoor setting? Or what if you enjoy the ambience of the seaside and are going to go with a beach wedding? Whatever them you choose to incorporate into your nuptials, you’ll probably spend a great deal of time ensuring that the details of the wedding – decorations, flowers, dresses and suits, and more – all contribute towards creating the effect you want.
Now consider an important question. How are you going to ensure that your videographer and video editing service captures not just a record of the event, but creates an artistic statement that truly reflects what you’ve worked to create? The answer begins with communication. It’s vitally important that your wedding’s video editing service understand the theme of your wedding before they set up their cameras. If you get them on board early, you’re certain to get much better results, and have a wedding video that will truly become a family keepsake.  Here are five reasons why it’s important to explain your theme to the videographer well before the big day.
Pacing of the final edit
wedding video Tipperary - abbey videoFirst things first. A video – a good video – isn’t just a collection of shots that’s stitched together. The astute videographer and video editing service understands that the pacing of the video tells the story as much as the shots that compose the video.
If you’re video is a formal, vintage-inspired event, a smart videographer will keep the pacing slower and steady, lending a sense of dignity and gravitas to the event. An informal beach wedding, under bright sunshine, and with a lively reception afterwards, will lend itself to an up-tempo approach with faster cuts. Describing your theme ahead of time will make it easier for the videographer to capture footage that lends itself well to the final edit.
Color palette and lighting

wedding video Tipperary - abbey videoThe lighting of key scenes within the wedding videography does much to help create impressions that reinforce the wedding’s theme. For example if you’ve chosen to have a sunset wedding in an open field, a smart videographer will position his cameras to fully take advantage of the dramatic angles of the light from setting sun. If your videographer is clued into this information ahead of time, he’ll be better prepared to get the best possible results from his videography.
Additional photography

Brides_choice_awards_winner 2016 - Abbey Video ProductionsExperienced videographers and video editing services understand that the story of your wedding relies on the setting, and to make that part of the story come alive, they’ll need additional videography or photography. For example, if you chose to have your wedding at a formal garden because you appreciate the beauty of the setting, the videographer can capture close-ups and B roll footage of the gardens before the ceremony, and intersperse that throughout the video. Without your communications with the videographer, this vital element might be completely missed.
The choice of music
weddingwedding video Tipperary - abbey videoTry watching a movie without the music. “Star Wars” without John Williams? “Vertigo” without Bernard Hermann? It wouldn’t be the same experience. Video editing services understand that the music that underpins the video is an essential tool in determining the mood and emotional impact of the videos they create.  The more they understand about the theme of the wedding and the reasons behind your choices, the better choices they’ll be able to make for the music that accompanies the video.
It’s all about collaboration
Your video editing service and videographer won’t be simply recording what happened at your wedding. Ideally, they’ll be telling a story – not just about the wedding – but about both of you. Your wedding theme should reflect your personalities. Work with your videographer by talking about your wedding theme, and you’ll end up with a result that you’ll truly love.