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All the frills for your wedding

All the frills for your wedding day ?

wedding video tipperary and Kilkenny abbey video Over the years of filming wedding videos in Kilkenny/Carlow, and of course my own county of Tipperary, I guess you could say I have seen & heard it all! The poor old Celtic tiger weddings were great for all the frills, helicopters, BIG chocolate fountains (and I mean big ones!), 300+ at the weddings, fifty-Euro notes being thrown in over the counter at a bemused bartender, with the owner of the 50 shouting ‘Take it all out of that!’ The honeymoon had to last 4-5 weeks – and they were gone further than Tramore! Wedding cars traveling to weddings the length and breadth of Ireland. The same with wedding bands; how many times have I asked the band members where they were from – Dublin was the answer most of the time. The task of getting these suppliers from all over the country was not an issue, nor was the cost….

wedding video tipperary and Kilkenny abbey video

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Well, someone ate that tiger as you know. But as the last few years leveled out, people getting married learned how to budget all over again. Well maybe no harm was done there. I wont say things were gone mad; people were gone mad. So, with things improving some – so we are told by our leaders – but not a lot, people can now see where they stand. And I don’t mean at the alter, but what they can afford.

wedding video tipperary and Kilkenny abbey video Of course, you have to enjoy your wedding day after all the planning. But, in recent years I have come across lots of little details that the bride & groom had made, such as a simple tree branch to hold the names of the guests with their table number on it. I saw a great one lately in the New Park Hotel Kilkenny – an old suit case with all the guests names in it, but mixed up, and it was handed around to pick out their names they had great fun in the bar doing this.

Wedding Video Fermoywedding video tipperary and Kilkenny abbey video But it’s great to see the old chocolate fountain back. It’s a great treat for all, as was the one last week in the Lakeside Hotel in Killaloe. The chocolate fountain was in full swing; the usual chocolate covered  kids, and there’s always a few guys licking their fingers and trying to get the mess off their ties. We cant forget the sweet cart: Where would the adults – I mean the kids – be without a wedding sweet cart? Another great little treat, and even on more tighter budget times, the sweet cart made its way to 80% of weddings I have filmed.

wedding video waterford Abbey Video ProductionsThe honeymoon: Well as I said Tramore is out of the question this time of year! But the Cayman Islands, I hear, is the top spot to be seen in at the moment. So after all the years of planning your wedding, it’s the place to be spoiled, and I believe the weather can be good there 🙂  The second choice among the couples is a jaunt to Florida, a Caribbean Cruise & New York City – ladies, don’t forget Macy’s. Nice one!  So if you are looking for a fantastic wedding DVD give me a call, and lets chat all about your wedding DVD requirments.

So here’s to more stable times, well planned weddings, keep to the budget, and have a fab day!