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Rock the Frock?… Really??

Rock the Frock?… Really??

Wedding video Fethard | Abbey Video Productions

Wedding Video Fethard

In all my years of filming wedding video in Tipperary & Carlow, Laois and Kilkenny for Abbey Video Productions, I thought I had seen and heard it all, but every year a young bride or groom will come surprise me with a new quirky idea. Last week I had a request from a young couple asking me to film a ‘muck up’ the day after their wedding. They had already booked me to film their wedding, but they wanted this as an added extra to the video and as a personal expression of their identity as a couple.

The bride who was nervous with excitement told me how she wants me to film the newly-wed couple after the wedding, back at their farm yard! The bride also has a keen interest in all things equestrian and wanted to include this in her wedding video too. After a few emails, we met up over coffee and had a great conversation – we came up with some original ideas and we’ve decided that upon their arrival at the farmyard, the bride and groom will cast off her fine wedding shoes and don their… wellington boots!! The groom will roll up his sleeves and grab a pitch fork and get to work. I will follow and film them as they go on a walk-about their farm yard and visit and feed the animals as if it were any other day.

Well, I thought this sounded a little eccentric at first, and I was surprised at how a young bride is prepared to risk getting her (possibly very expensive) wedding dress dirty or damaged, but apparently that is the idea! This will be a first for me, but as they explained the reasoning behind their idea, how the family farm is such an important part of their lives, it all began to make sense and I can appreciate why it is so important to them. I love how they’ve use their imaginations to create a memorable wedding video to record their wedding day. They’re such an energetic, fun-loving young couple with strong emotional ties to their farm, where they will spend many happy years together, so this is a fantastic and fun way to celebrate their day.

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Edel and Shane wedding by Abbey Video Productions

As this concept was entirely new to me, I delved a little deeper on the subject and the ‘muck up’ idea appears to have originated in America, and is referred to by some as ‘trash the dress’ or ‘fearless bridal’. Unpredictable and what you may consider unlikely locations are favoured most, such as disused railway tracks, old factories, city streets or even a mechanic’s workshop.

In Co. Tipperary there are dozens of great and unusual locations for filming wedding videos. Imagine walking barefoot through an apple orchard, or through a forest with your dogs as you take them for a walk. The unexpected juxtaposition of a wedding dress, fine tailoring and elegant bouquet against a backdrop of the great outdoors or industrial buildings makes for great cinematography and certainly not your average wedding video.

Already, I’m really looking forward to filming this part of their wedding video. I’ve had great ideas, such as the bride strolling through a field, with her favourite horse meandering closely behind her, or feeding the chickens as they peck around her feet. I have a feeling that this part of the video will be improvised as they are a laid-back couple and farm animals can be…well unpredictable. We’ll see what happens on the day, but that is all part of the excitement and will certainly help to create that magical atmosphere.

Wedding Video Fethard Wedding Tipperary

Wedding Videography Tipperary

A wedding video will always include the important parts of your day such as the ceremony, the speeches and greeting the guests, and all these parts are crucial, however, it’s lovely to add something small to show a little of your personality and identity as a couple. I love this extra creativity that modern young couples bring to their wedding today.

If you’re thinking of having your wedding filmed and want to work on some ideas, why not get in touch? Also check out the clip to follow soon to get some flavour of great locations for your wedding video.  I am an experienced wedding videographer and have filmed nearly every venue in Co. Tipperary and many within Munster and beyond. I’d love to hear your ideas, and if you’re not sure about the whole ‘rock the frock’ don’t worry, we‘ll make sure your dress doesn’t get dirty. I can create beautiful footage and film you in a walkabout of the hotel gardens instead.

~ Joe Boland

Abbey Video Productions.