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Time to save money ?

Don’t read this, if you don’t want to save money


We all know that anyone buying a product is looking for the best deal they can get,well we believe you have come to the right shop.

While most / if not all videographers charge mileage, we don’t,

Some if not all, will only stay to a given time, say 10.30, what happens if your band don’t start until 11.15  which can  happen, you have to pay them “over time” we don’t charge over time, we stay until we get the amount of dances we need or you require.

Also when getting married midweek you should get a better deal, a lot of videographers don’t apply this, we do !

We are the most Professional Affordable videographers in Munster, if not all Ireland, Call us today for a quote, then please price around, match package to package and we will do our best to match your quote and you will see what we mean !

So when ever you are getting married, give us a call  and see what you WILL save.

Call for  great special deals exclusive to Abbey Video Productions, extra DVDs, free interviews with you guests, and lots more !
More coming soon !!