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Wedding Table Themes

DSC06048Wedding Table Themes

One of the major things that come up when planning a wedding reception is where people are  going to sit during the meal.We all know that Cousin Jimmy can’t sit next to
Uncle Bob because they fell out years ago!
So you and your fiancé will have to work out a plan to make sure everyone is sat in the place where they will have the most enjoyable time for the day


  In recent years you will have  noticed “table themes” at weddings you might have been invited to in and around  Tipperary, Cork, Kilkenny, Waterford, Munster, in fact at most weddings ,this is some thing that took off a few years back, it’s a simple but  very effective way of guiding people to their tables, one of my favourite ones I saw lately was in Faithlegg House Hotel in Waterford where an old suitcase was placed on a table in the reception area and as you walked into the dining room in the case was a load of travel “tags” with the names of guests and the table number  where they were seated nice one!

Wedding Dundrum House Hotel

Dundrum House Hotel

 Dundrum House Hotel In Tipperary was another great one where a balloon had the names of the guests written on it and they took it to the corresponding table in the function room where the same colour balloon was attached to their table, good one!

 Here is some I have come across Flowers Tree names, Seaside Postcards, Personal Sayings, Numbers with Meaning, Famous Couples, Friends Episodes, James Bond Films, New York Locations, Legendary People

   And a very original one was sweet wrappers!