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Wedding trends over the years

Wedding Videography

Over the years of filming weddings here in Tipperary, I have seen how trends have changed. In times gone by, the priest would only allow “holy” music to be played in the Church. Then, when ‘On Eagles Wings’ hit the top, it was played at every wedding. It was the same with confetti throwing in the Church grounds. They would be covered in colour paper cuttings or rice, but now it’s a big no! Similarly, old cans tied to the wedding car as it drove away, is gone. As I read some where lately, it’s a “health and safety matter now”. Oh well, we all must move on I guess.

But today’s weddings are a lot more professionally planned. With the likes of wedding supplier websites like this local one, Brides in Tipperary | Munster, who have a huge range of suppliers like Photographers, Videographers, Flowers, Sweet Carts and so on. These sites really help couples to check out the different suppliers and, of course, their prices. Also Face book is a great way to source as well.



Wedding Hotels Tipperary

With today’s weddings, of course, the budget needs  to be a little tighter and its a good thing, I think. In the boom times, it was easier to splash the cash, as banks were feeding money to couples getting married. It was only later they would discover it had to be repaid. However, the belt needs to be tightened for now. That’s why its worth pricing around. When a couple call or email me regarding prices for wedding video samples here in Tipperary, I give them my best and honest price. Its like any business – sometimes we are asked the old question, “What’s the best price?”. I normally say that is my best price, but I can work with any couples budget. If their budget is unreasonable, I invite them to shop around with any competitors out there. Not that I have any that could match my prices in the first place. So the answer to all this is price around.





Hotels have changes as well with chair covers, back drops, candle lanterns outside and inside and a lot more. Yet, it’s great to see all this, as a wedding day is so special to the bride and groom munster. They put so much work into it, they deserve this little bit extra from hotels.

Regarding the honeymoon, I think; long gone are the days where the couple used head off to Tramore for a week. There are some great honeymoon locations just a flight away now. One of my favourites is Lanzarote. I was there 2 years ago. It’s a fantastic place, along with Portugal. As well as this, you cant forget New York. I was there 2 years ago. What a great city. It is a shopping and sightseeing location.
For you who wish to lounge on the sun bed, head to the Caribbean!