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Wedding Speeches

Wedding Speeches Advice

We at Abbey Video Productions, have often been asked for our advice on speeches here in Tipperary, we have heard a lot of them while doing wedding videos  in Tipperary Kilkenny, Carlow, Waterford and the larger Munster area and further afield.

All weddings speeches are performed differently, some are to long, others to short but while most are basically the same the format can differ, below is a quick glance at what you might need to say


The groom’s speech

 Can be an easier speech to prepare. If you feel a little less nervous about giving your speech, remember that your wedding guests are your friends and family and they are all looking forward to hearing you speak. In your speech, you might mention the following:

 * Thank the bride for marrying you and how lovely she looks  (always a good start)

 *   Thank the bride’s parents for the wedding, only if they paid for it :)) In addition, for the great job they have done in raising their daughter and that you will take good care of her.

 * Thank your parents for all they have done for you

*  Think of a place, time where you and your wife had some fun, maybe on holiday, at work or where ever a humorous courtship tale

* Thank your best man and ushers for all the work they have done for you, even if they did nothing only to make you drink to much at the stag!

* There may be family members and friends who cannot attend the wedding who may have sent their best wishes so he will thank them all for their gifts and best wishes.

* Thank the bridesmaids and the wedding party for all their support and may offer a small token of appreciation. • Also don’t forget to thank your guests for their generous gifs


The Father of the Bride’s Speech

* The bride’s father will usually welcome everyone, thank them for sharing his daughter’s special day, and welcome his new son-in-law to the family.  He will also welcome the bridegroom’s parents and extended family to his family.

* A toast to good health and happiness is then offered to the bride and groom and the bride’s father may say a few words about his daughter and her new husband.


The Father of the Groom

Now this is an easy one, he will welcome the bride in the family, tell a short story about the groom when he was young, and thank the hotel for a lovely meal.


The Best Man’s Speech

This is the part of the whole day that best men dread!

It need not be such a daunting prospect.  He can share some funny anecdotes about the couple or the groom. This can sometimes be a tricky endeavour. The most important thing is to know your audience. Although the couple’s friends or some family members may find a few crass jokes rather funny, be very mindful of the priest and the less open-minded people that may be in attendance.

If you jump deep into a story that you can’t get yourself out of it can prove very embarrassing for all involved and you don’t want to have the bride rushing to the nearest exit in floods of tears having heard about amorous escapades her now husband had before he met her!

The best thing is to keep it short, to the point, full of well wishes and thanks and finally the raising of the glasses and a toast to the bride and groom.

It is now very popular to hold the speeches before the meal.  This allows all at the top table to eat their dinner and keep it down!!   They can relax and not have to worry about the chore after dinner!  However, you must inform the hotel of your plan to do this beforehand.


But what ever goes enjoy your day!