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All the things you need to implement into your wedding plans

5 Reasons for Discussing Your Wedding Concept with the Videographer

Wedding Video Tipperary - Abbey Video ProductionsPreparing for a wedding is a constant struggle of trying to maintain every single detail perfect while not overstepping your budget limits. In their endless search for affordable professionals, many couples hope for their quest to be over soon after hiring someone with the necessary experience to take over.
Although this article includes five reasons for discussing a wedding concept with the videographer, there is only one big and crucial reason you need to follow the whole wedding process and make your goals clear – you want your wedding to be perfect!
You Want Immortal Memories

Mary and CJ Wedding VideoTipperaryWhen you watch your wedding video later on, do you want special moments to be like you imagined? Don’t assume videographers should know your wishes because they have been to tons of weddings. Every single wedding is unique in its concept, so think about what matters the most in yours.
Do you want to have memories of the two of you looking your best while nervously getting ready for the big “I do”? Do you want to see your friends and family happy and talking about joint funny moments from the past? Do you want the “getting ready” footage?
Lighting Equals Beauty of the Footage

Wedding VideoTipperarySo far, you have probably noticed numerous wedding videos where a couple walks in beautiful natural scenery hand in hand. However, those shots don’t just happen, they are pre-determined. When it comes to shooting outside, there is an established timeline between the couple and a videographer to make the most of the ideal lighting hours. If you want a videographer to capture your breathtaking moments in the sun, talk about your wedding schedule and plan for the magic.
Timing is Everything

Wedding Video Tipperary - Abbey Video ProductionsOf course, you can’t expect everything to go according to your wedding plan, as most interesting things happen spontaneously. Therefore, you need to have a chat with your videographer about a second wedding shooter.
A videographer is only human after all, he will take restroom breaks and get hungry after a while. To avoid missing out on wonderful moments, ask for his solution to getting the entire celebration on camera. Also, it is beneficial to have diverse shots from two different perspectives. This helps to make the best wedding storyline without missing out on crucial details.
Your Personality is What Matters the Most

Wedding video Tipperary / Kilkenny.What makes a wedding video great? Well, the answer is simple – the emotions of the wedding party and the newlywed couple. A videographer can’t produce it on video, it has to come from you. If you want to have lovely wedding footage, make sure to inform the videographer about your style and preferences.
Although excellent shooting, a trained eye, and skillful editing can improve the overall wedding atmosphere, it can’t provide what you have expected to see without carefully planning the whole process with the videographer.

Will You Get the Full Package?

Wedding Video Tipperary - Abbey Video ProductionsAs mentioned above, the editing process can enhance the attractiveness of a video. Nowadays, it is impossible to envision getting raw and long footage or even worse – a wedding video with bad, inappropriate music. Feel free to request a sample of the videographer’s work and ask about what a full package includes.
It is not unusual for some to outsource their editing service to a wedding video editing company, but still, unsatisfied couples can always do the same and find a professional to make their wedding video great.
Nevertheless, cut your expenses and check if the video package comes with full professional editing, while including a list of songs you want to remember the day by. Otherwise, prepare for the alternative.
Think of the future and what kind of memories you want to save forever. It’s not enough to hire someone to take the footage, you must let them get to know you and your plans, and so that you can have something so special it will bring you to tears. So, ask and tell, and let your videographer know all you have in mind. Discuss your wedding concept carefully, and plan the wedding of your dreams.